02H65675Moving to a new state can be an exciting and welcome adventure. The actual process of moving, however, is a different story. The process can be expensive, time-consuming, and tiresome without proper planning and guidance.

If you make the effort to focus some of your energy and time on the move, you can save yourself some serious headaches – even some serious money!
And I’m going to show you how with simple planning advice and a few tips!

First, make sure to give yourself ample planning time – around six to eight weeks. You’ll need this cushion to allow yourself to do a few things, such as:

– Take detailed account of all your possessions.
– Photograph items of significant value.
– Research cost of travel.
– Research quotes for trailers and moving trucks.
– Get a maintenance check on your vehicle.
– Calculate costs of fuel, food and lodging for your trip.
– Determine the best way to move for your situation.

Ensuring that you carefully perform all of the aforementioned steps will: reduce stress, save time, save money, and give you peace of mind.

Now that you know some of the planning considerations of a cross-country move, we’ve got some great tips that will help make your move a successful one.

Tip #1: Don’t move during the summertime

If possible, don’t move during the summer months (June to September). This is good advice for a couple of reasons.

First, the majority of people want to move during this period – especially in the Northern parts of the country (duh). What this means for you: rental properties are harder find, moving companies drive up their prices, and travel costs- like food and lodging- can be more expensive.

Second, traffic is most congested during the summer months. If you are driving, expect to encounter more vehicles on the road as beachgoers, vacationers, and breaking students hog up the lanes.

Tip #2: Pack smart

This should be self-explanatory, but it bears repeating: pack smart, and if you don’t know how, learn. You’re going to be moving a lot of expensive stuff, so don’t let a broken china set ruin your arrival.

Attain some good boxes and bubble wrap. Call up or visit your local liquor store, convenience store or grocer and ask them for some. Most will be happy to oblige if you are polite.

Tip #3: Shop around

A simple Google search will divulge some good (some great) moving deals. Here are some great sites and recommendations to get you started.

Moving trucks: www.budgettruck.com

Moving companies: www.moving.com

Flights, hotels, rental cars: www.kayak.com

Tip #4: Get the Insurance (moving company)

If you’re using a moving company, buy the insurance that’s offered. Most movers will do the best job that they can, but they are human and mistakes do happen.

Purchasing the insurance when already paying someone to do a job seems like a tough pill to swallow, I know. But your valuables are well worth the small cost of this extra service.

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